March 12, 2008- Color me Mine!

While Jazzy was here, we went to Color me Mine. It's a cute little place where you pick the pottery that you want to paint and well, paint it! This is what we made <3

It's got an Octopus!

March 12, 2008- Chocolates!

Jazzy came and visited me and brought me the coolest chocolates EVAR. They were like different colors and shapes and so SHINEYYYYY @____@


March 12, 2008- Nana and Nyu!

This is my first Simple Viewer gallery @_@. I'll try to figure out how to embed it so that it doesn't open up in a seperate window, but for now, that's how it will be xD;

My new Nana and Nyu Figures~! (loldork)